Lucius Fishburne MA LPC NCC

Adult Counseling
My philosophy and approach to counseling is inspired by the famous therapist Carl Rogers who referred to an "unconditional positive regard" in client relationships. Rogers created a non-judgemental  and empathetic setting to the extent that his client could feel safe in lowering defenses and begin to approach painful issues in his or her life. I work with adult clients in this same manner to identify and handle more skillfully the stumbling blocks or issues of life that impede energy and thus prevent harmony and happiness. The tempo of my counseling sessions is determined by the client. While the work is exploratory and progress may at times call upon client willingness, I never intrude into areas in which an individual is not willing or ready to venture. The atmosphere of counseling sessions is easy and relaxed and hopefully marks the beginning of a trusting therapeutic relationship. Thank you for visiting my website and please contact me if I can answer any questions or be of assistance.
108 South Walter Street, Walterboro, SC 29488
(843) 314-3061